Swiss Management Innovation supports the customer in developing a culture of learning and the sharing of knowledge throughout the Company. Our approach to design learning and development programs is linked to the overall business benefit. The overall purpose of our learning and development programs is to improve employee's performance by increasing their ability to perform through learning.

Our learning and development programs (LDP):

- consist of classes for beginners, advanced and experts;

- are linked to a career path;

- have an after class coaching option;

- are customised;

- have a toolkit to support participants to apply their learning in a real environment and share knowledge

- is balanced with technical and soft skills content.

Please contact us for learning and development programs in the following areas:

  • People Management & soft skill training classes
    Main purpose is to enable people to effectively navigate their environment, manage interpersonal process, improve, perform well and achieve their goals with complementing technical skils.
  • Leadership development programs
    What are the development goals for leaders? This is a crucial questions if it comes to designing leadership development programs. Is it change leadership, strategic thinking, financial acumen, remote management, risk management, digital leadership skill or all of them?
  • Project Management
    Projects are crucial for organisational development but most projects are not delivering within the defined time, budget or quality. Good project management doesn`t just happen, it has to be fostered and developed in just the same way as other business functions. The training of project resources including project managers, sponsors, stakeholders, and project teams is essential to ensure organisations are equipped with the right skills and competencies to successful transform the business.
  • Process Management
    Reshaping organisational structures and processes in order to become more efficient and customer focused asks for process management competency. Process management training enables participants to question the status quo respectively activities that are performed during business. It will support participants to apply horizontal thinking, focus on value-adding activities, clarify roles and responsibility and establish an continuous improvement process.
  • Change Management
    Organisation change is an inevitable consequence of the increasing demands of the world in which companies operating. SwissMI applies a structured approach to manage change. Project Management is one tool that is increasingly being used to support the management of change, but PM tends to focus more on the hard / technical elements of change, with less emphasis on the human aspect. To be truly successful in managing change we need to consider both sides. Projects applying effective change management are more likely to meet the projects objectives. Change management training develops knowledge, skills and provides tools and templates to facilitate and drive change initiatives.
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Our team is accredited and certificated in organisational development related methodologies and techniques.

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