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Swiss Management Innovation provides end-to-end business and IT consulting. We apply a holistic consulting approach to identify all relevant components for business or IT driven initiatives.

Question the status quo Swiss MI questions the status quo and evaluates current and future risks and opportunities for a sustainable organizational development. Creating the right level of awareness as a foundation for a change is the main purpose of this phase.

Define visionary purpose Nowadays we have increasing technology driven change. Digitalization is a global trend affecting all, society and businesses. Digital transformation is not about new technology. It is an enabler to carry out a clear vision and implement a strategy. Vision and leadership, not only technology are the main business driver for change.

Consider all change relevant enablers In order to initiate the organizational development process and to define strategic goals and a clear future state, organizations need to figure out what the main areas for improvement and investment are. Swiss Management Innovation has an holistic approach to identify all change relevant enablers.

Define benefits and measurable goals  If you can`t measure it, you can`t manage it, is one of the key management findings in the last decade. According to these findings, it is key to identify in addition to the project cost, quantified benefits, so that organizations can apply a benefits driven implementation approach and measure the overall change after the change initiative.

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Our team is accredited and certificated in organisational development related methodologies and techniques.

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