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    Wettbewerbsfähige Unternehmensführung mit ESPRIX

    ESPRIX Excellence Suisse fördert die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit - im Sinne von Business Excellence - von Unternehmen und Organisationen. Für die Entwicklung und Verbesserung der Innovationsfähigkeit bietet sie ein Leadership Development Program an.

  • Leadership and Digital transformation
    There is no doubt that digitalization offers huge opportunities but at the same time it can also bring fear. It brings opportunities to those who already have an approach to evaluating and applying technology for incremental, major or disruptive improvements, or change. On the other hand it brings fear to those who are lost in in the process of digitalisations. Companies or public administrations need to work on a digital transformation roadmap first with a view to mitigating the risk, to avoid the risk of becoming irrelevant and not competitive enough in the market in near future. Initiating and designing a transformation roadmap for digitalization needs a strong leader who can recognise the irreversible process of digital penetration in our everyday life and commits support and resources for this digital transformation.

    The key is to:

    - begin such a journey with key leaders from IT and business;

    - have a clear visionary purpose and a clear understanding of expected benefits;

    - design a global picture with all the stakeholders.

    And last but not at least, have a structured and facilitated approach at the envisioning phase.

  • Which technology is relevant to your Company?

    There is no doubt that Information Technology is one of the main enablers in organisational change. But which technology is most relevant to your business? Incremental, major or disruptive change? The list of enabling information technology is getting longer. The application of these technologies will allow you to decide if you are competitive and become relevant in the market. Organisations need to assess more frequently if new technology can be applied to ensure continuous improvements and for major re-engineering initiatives. But at the same time organisations also need to search for new opportunities with disruptive technologies. Using the latest technology offers a Company the opportunity to extend its core competence, leverage the existing infrastructure and resources to similar products, or generate a new business model based on the industry know-how that an organisation already has as an asset.

    Companies may well be aware of the use of new technology and have a desire to implement it in order to increase their competiveness and survival in the marketplace. Similarly Companies often have the right level of experts and know-how to initiate such a change. However, Companies are still facing challenges when they start to question the status quo, and want to use and gain advantage from the latest technology. This is mainly due to the fact that Companies failed to develop an agile organisational culture with the ability to identify and respond effectively and efficiently to opportunities and fears, such as those being faced by Companies nowadays with the introduction of new disruptive technologies.

  • "You see things, not as they are, but as you are" Anais Nin

Our team is accredited and certificated in organisational development related methodologies and techniques.

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