Transformation Management

If it comes to implementation and changing a current state to a better new state, it needs leadership, methodology and experience

Leadership Most projects or change initiatives fail because of lack of leadership and governance process. Creating a sense of urgency, involving stakeholder and employees and creating a desire for change are crucial at the beginning of a change initiative. Swiss Management Innovation has a unique and accelerated approach to collect data, involve crucial decision maker to achieve a sense of urgency and a desire for a change.

Methodology SwissMI has best practice tools, techniques and methodology for a successful implementation. We are experts in the application of best practice methodologies in Program & Change Management, Project Management, Process management and Quality management.

Experience Applying best practice methodology and relevant tools and techniques are crucial but this is just the technical part of the implementation. Most project fail because the people involved are frustrated with the process and the overall investment which has a huge impact in gaining support and commitment through out the whole project life cycle. SwissMI has a balanced implementation approach which focuses both on the technical as well as on the people side to ensure a successful transformation.

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Our team is accredited and certificated in organisational development related methodologies and techniques.

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